"With more than 80 years in the heating and cooling business, Rockford Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing the best possible total indoor weather solution for you and your family."

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From the Owner

When we started Rockford Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in 1992, we purchased an established company for which we had worked a combined 31 years. That company had been in business for more than 70 years in Rockford, providing the community with quality service and installation. We have continued that tradition and enhanced it with additional services and with community involvement.

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When the summer has reached its peak in Rockford, IL, it can be quite uncomfortable; all you want to do is to escape into your nice, cool house where you can relax and put your feet up. If your air conditioning unit is in need of home AC repair, there will be no refuge from the heat until you find a solution to your problem.

Guarantee Satisfaction

You can’t allow just anyone to come into your home. An unlicensed and untrained technician can make mistakes during home cooling repair that will cause you to lose money. It takes time to find the right air conditioner contractor for your home cooling system repair, who will also guarantee your satisfaction, even if something happens.

The benefits of utilizing the services of an established and trusted air conditioning contractor in Rockford include:

  • Better results: HVAC systems are complex and should be handled with care. Hiring the experts at Rockford Heating guarantees professional workmanship and impeccable service during every step of your home cooling repair.

  • Better options: We have been in this business for a long time and have over 80 years of cumulative experience in the industry. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to know which products are the best and will help you make an educated decision that will best fit your needs.

  • Better service: When you have been in business as long as we have, you learn some things about how to treat the customer right. From the moment our air conditioner contractors step onto your property, you can be sure that your space will be respected. We will remain as unobtrusive as possible while carrying out your cooling or heat pump repair so that you may continue with your normal daily activity.

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Referal Rewards Program

"Refer a friend and if we provide service to them, you will get a $20 credit on your next service. And they will get a $20 credit as well!"

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